Ital FM

Real Reggae Radio

On Smartphones and Tablets Worldwide

Northern Ireland's First Reggae station!

Studio One, Dennis Brown, Bob and Marcia, Gregory Issacs, and all the greats, plus some of the hottest Reggae tunes from now and the future.

We play the World's Biggest Reggae Hits, this music is made in nearly every country on Earth, and so many people love the Reggae vibes

If you are a Reggae music company, producer or music maker contact us via the online form below

Streaming via our servers we are the 21st century way to reach a Worldwide Audience,Smart Phone Radio.

Figures direct from our Internet servers based in Europe show that this audience is eager to hear The Best Reggae Music on the planet.

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The top 10 countries listening right now to Ital FM are: 1.Ireland 2. Germany 3. Jamaica 4. UK 5. Spain 6. Bulgaria 7. China 8. France 9. Switzerland 10. UK

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